Cleanse With Core Chakra

Cleanse With Core Chakra

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Join Mindful Health and Dani Havasy of Core Chakra for January's 14-day Chakra Cleanse. Detox your body, strengthen your core, release stagnant emotions and live your best year yet!

This special package includes:


*Included in the package is a special Core Chakra movement class with Dani Havasy that will take place January 28th, 2017 from 2:00pm-3:30pm. You may select your choice of second class from these dates:





Open level classes work with all skill levels. Students are given options to either progress into more advanced expressions of the poses, or to stay where they feel comfortable. 

JANUARY 5,12,19, 26




Candle light classes are slow-paced, lit by candles, and focus on breathing, stretching, and alignment. These classes are based in Yin and Restorative postures – long held poses using props to promote relaxation and openness throughout the body. They are open to all skill levels and a nice class to end the week or weekend.

JAN 8,15, 22, 29

About The Mindful Health Cleanse:

The Mindful Health Cleanse is a 14-day completely holistic approach to detox that is specially designed to gently and slowly release harmful toxins from the body while recharging its subtle energies, more commonly known as chakras. These 7 chakras control physical well-being and mirror how we feel about ourselves and life in general. Though the 7 chakras are not visible, they can be experienced. Just as the state of your body improves with a healthy diet and exercise, so do your emotions and mental clarity by making food choices for the health of your chakras.

For more information about the Mindful Health Cleanse, click here.

About Dani Havasy & Core Chakra:

Dani Havasy is a gifted Pilates and yoga teacher and the creator of Core Chakra. Her passion for yoga and Pilates is rooted in a fondness for physical exercise and a deep personal attachment to spiritual exploration. Beyond holding certifications in both disciplines (including pre-natal yoga), Dani has completed a variety of fitness certifications and has been featured in Women's Health magazine, Jane and The Richest.

She created Core Chakra because she saw a need for people to heal their chakras. The chakras are centers of energy in our bodies that become blocked overtime from everyday life stress. When this happens you may experience emotional and physical problems because the energy in your body does not have a clear path to move and it becomes stuck and deficient. Dani knew from teaching and personal experience, that the chakras could be realigned through a delicate blend of yoga and pilates. 

For more information about Dani and Core Chakra, click here.

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