Green Pistachio Calcite Moon

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  1. Transformational Healing: Pistachio Calcite is described as a stone of transformational healing. It aids the mind in processing major changes, whether they involve a complete life overhaul or traumatic shifts.

  2. Balance: The crystal is associated with balance, particularly in emotional matters. It can be used to focus on balancing emotions, especially during times of significant change or a "change of heart."

  3. Love and Relationships: Pistachio Calcite is said to assist in staying focused on the love within oneself and promoting loving relationships. It can help individuals navigate changes in their emotional states related to matters of the heart.

  4. Amplification and Energy Cleansing: This crystal is considered a powerful amplifier and energy cleanser. It has the potential to amplify positive energies and remove negativity. Additionally, it is believed to release energy blockages that hinder personal growth.

  5. Chakras: Pistachio Calcite is associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras. It may help in balancing and opening these energy centers.


Type: Pistachio Calcite

Colors: Aqua green, mint green, bluish green, white, sandy bands.

Transparency: Translucent - Opaque

Polished: Polished

Shape: Moon

Approx measurements: 60mm x 35mm x 20mm/2,3" x 1,3" x 0,8"

Approx weight: 100g - 120g

Origin: Pakistan