Heal your chakras with our set of 7 all natural essential oils.

What is the Mindful Mosaic® Collection?


What are chakras?


CLEANSE by Mindful Health


The Mindful Health Cleanse is a 14-day completely holistic approach to detox that is specially designed to gently and slowly release harmful toxins from the body while recharging its subtle energies, more commonly known as chakras. These 7 chakras control physical well-being and mirror how we feel about ourselves and life in general. Though the 7 chakras are not visible, they can be experienced. Just as the state of your body improves with a healthy diet and exercise, so do your emotions and mental clarity by making food choices for the health of your chakras.


CLEANSE by Mindful Health is the easiest cleanse I have ever done. It's sensible and I see immediate results in my skin, and I have high energy and feel very healthy. Love it!


CLEANSE by Mindful Health is what I consider to be a cleanse for the whole body. My mind, skin, mood and cravings all improved while on the program. This cleanse is a gentle way to improve/change overall wellness. 


The protein shakes are delicious and versatile in terms of ingredients that can be added such as fresh fruit and or ginger. Highly recommend this cleanse!


I loved it. The shake powder was delicious, and the cleanse really helped me to reset my habits and feel more energized and healthy.


CLEANSE by Mindful Health was incredibly simple and I saw immediate results in the quality of my skin. I have much more energy after resetting the way I eat with the program. Overall, I'm just way more upbeat and learning about the chakras has made me more conscious of my spirit. I highly recommend the Cleanse to anyone looking to feel their best self!