In-Office Personal Retreat - New York City

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Signature Mindful Health Services (all 3 included):

  1. Bio-Energetic Evaluation (E.A.V)

  2. Chakra Session

  3. Customized Nutrition Plan & Session

Personalized Offerings (all 3 included):

  1. Curated gift bag with goodies

  2. All-organic lunch and homemade snacks

  3. Meditation and breath work

Customized Offerings (both included):

  1. Detox Treatment - your choice of one (1):

    • (a) Foot soak

    • (b) PEMF therapy

  2. Add-on Service - your choice of one (1):

    • (a) Reiki

    • (b) Massage

    • (c) Holistic facial

    • (d) Natural Beauty Makeover

    • (e) Detox treatment (either foot soak or PEMF therapy)