Lapis Lazuli Sphere

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  1. Wisdom and Inner Truth: Lapis Lazuli is often associated with enhancing wisdom and promoting inner truth. The spherical shape is thought to help facilitate a harmonious flow of energy, aiding in the quest for knowledge and self-discovery.

  2. Communication: Lapis Lazuli is linked to the throat chakra, and its use is believed to support clear communication. The sphere shape may assist in expressing thoughts and feelings with clarity and authenticity.

  3. Emotional Healing: Lapis Lazuli is associated with emotional healing and is believed to bring about a sense of peace and serenity. The spherical form may help balance and harmonize emotions.

  4. Intuition: The crystal is often linked to the third eye chakra, promoting intuition and enhancing spiritual insight. The spherical shape may facilitate a deeper connection to one's inner wisdom.

  5. Creativity: Lapis Lazuli is sometimes associated with stimulating creativity and inspiration. The sphere shape may encourage a free flow of creative energy.

  6. Protection: Lapis Lazuli is believed to have protective qualities, shielding against negative energies. The spherical shape may radiate protective energy in all directions.

  7. Spiritual Connection: Lapis Lazuli is considered a stone of spiritual connection. The spherical crystal may assist in elevating one's spiritual awareness and connecting with higher realms.

  8. Clarity of Thought: Lapis Lazuli is thought to enhance mental clarity and focus. The spherical shape may help in organizing thoughts and gaining a clearer perspective.

Type: Lapis Lazuli (High Quality)
Colors: Royal blue, cobalt blue, white, golden pyrite inclusions
Transparency: Opaque
Polished: Polished on all sides
Shape: Sphere
Approx measurements: 45mm - 60mm/1,7" - 2,3"
Approx weight: 150g - 350g
Origin: Afghanistan